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John H. Lilly

Fuzzy Control and Identification

This book gives an introduction to basic fuzzy logic and Mamdani and Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy systems. The text shows how these can be used to control complex nonlinear engineering systems, while also also suggesting several...

izid: december 2010

Sathish Chandran

Adaptive Antenna Arrays: Trends and Applications (Signals and Communication Technology)

This compilation of the works and insights of various key scientists and engineers in this area addresses the current and future trends of scenarios for employing adaptive antenna arrays in communication systems.

izid: julij 2004

Faming Liang, Chuanhai Lui, Raymond Carroll

Advanced Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods: Learning from Past Samples

Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods are now an indispensable tool in scientific computing. This book discusses recent developments of MCMC methods with an emphasis on those making use of past sample information...

izid: avgust 2010

Michael Fisher

An Introduction to Practical Formal Methods Using Temporal Logic

The name "temporal logic" may sound complex and daunting; but while they describe potentially complex scenarios, temporal logics are often based on a few simple, and fundamental, concepts - highlighted in this book.

izid: april 2011

Hennie van Greuning, Sonja Brajovic Bratanovic

Analyzing and Managing Banking Risk: A Framework for Assessing Corporate Governance and Financial Risk

Analyzing Banking Risk (2nd edition)' provides a comprehensive overview of topics dealing with the assessment, analysis, and management of financial risks in banking. This book focuses on risk-management principles and...

izid: januar 2003

Mitja Cander, Tom Priestly

Angels Beneath the Surface: A Selection of Contemporary Slovene Fiction

With a per capita publishing rate of more that three times that of the United States, Slovenia has a long and storied literary history, from the legendary 9th-century Freising Manuscripts to postmodern masterpieces by...

izid: marec 2008

Michael Trent, Drew McCormack

Beginning Mac OS X Programming

Every Mac OS X system comes with all the essentials required for programming: free development tools, resources, and utilities. However, finding the place to begin may be challenging, especially if you have no prior...

izid: julij 2005

Nick Lecrenski, Karli Watson, Robert Fonseca-Ensor

Beginning Windows Phone 7 Application Development: Building Windows Phone Applications Using Silverlight and XNA

Discover the core concepts essential for developing apps for Windows Phone Silverlight and XNA provide you with a powerful development platform and key tools for programming Windows Phone 7 series applications.

izid: maj 2011

Cynthia Hetherington

Business Background Investigations: Tools and Techniques for Solution Driven Due Diligence

It is easier to paint a pretty picture than to hide a checkered past. In business, a company's future can depend upon what it knows about a competitor, vendor, customer or potential partner.

izid: oktober 2007

Andrew Crane, Dirk Matten

Business Ethics: Managing corporate citizenship and sustainability

Business Ethics is a lively and engaging textbook that tackles one of the most pressing issues facing business today: how to be a good corporate citizen in a complex multiple stakeholder world.

Nikos Antonopoulos, Lee Gillam

Cloud Computing: Principles, Systems and Applications (Computer Communications and Networks)

Cloud computing continues to emerge as a subject of substantial industrial and academic interest. Although the meaning and scope of “cloud computing” continues to be debated, the current notion of clouds blurs the...

izid: avgust 2010

Gonzalo R. Arce

Computational Lithography

A Unified Summary of the Models and Optimization Methods Used in Computational Lithography Optical lithography is one of the most challenging areas of current integrated circuit manufacturing technology.

izid: avgust 2010

Bruce S. Davie

Computer Networks, Fifth Edition: A Systems Approach

Computer Networks: A Systems Approach, Fifth Edition, discusses the key principles of computer networking. It focuses on the underlying concepts and technologies that make the Internet work.

izid: marec 2011

Saeed K. Rahimi, Frank S. Haug

Distributed Database Management Systems: A Practical Approach

This book addresses issues related to managing data across a distributed database system. It is unique because it covers traditional database theory and current research, explaining the difficulties in providing a...

izid: avgust 2010

Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell and Peter Mooslechner

Economic Convergence and Divergence in Europe: Growth and Regional Development in an Enlarged European Union

This topical book addresses the challenge of economic convergence within Europe, beginning with a thorough review of the theory of growth and related empirical research. Historical and more recent economic developments...

izid: maj 2003

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