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Andrew Crane, Dirk Matten

Business Ethics: Managing corporate citizenship and sustainability

Business Ethics is a lively and engaging textbook that tackles one of the most pressing issues facing business today: how to be a good corporate citizen in a complex multiple stakeholder world.


Jonathan Clayden, Nick Greeves, Stuart Warren

Organic Chemistry

Inspiring and motivating students from the moment it published, Organic Chemistry has established itself in just one edition as the student's choice of an organic chemistry text. The second edition refines and...

izid: maj 2012

Cullis, John; Jones, Philip

Public Finance and Public Choice: Analytical Perspectives

and contextualising the theory with relevant and up-to-date examples. The authors have retained the focus on the public choice school of thought in this new edition and have also added an emphasis on behavioural public...

R. W. Hoyle

The Pilgrimage of Grace and the Politics of the 1530s

This is the first full account of the Pilgrimage of Grace since 1915. In the autumn and winter of 1536, Henry VIII faced risings first in Lincolnshire, then throughout northern England.

izid: maj 2003

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