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Chris Hart

Doing a Literature Review

Reviewing the literature for a research project can seem a daunting, even overwhelming task. Where do I start? What do I do? How do I do it? This book offers advise on how to: search out existing knowledge on a topic;...

James Grieves

Strategic Human Resource Development

`I thoroughly enjoyed this book which is well-argued, well-structured and superbly referenced. It will be of value to those studying change and strategic management and human resource development at masters level....

izid: februar 2003

Amos Owen Thomas

Transnational Media and Contoured Markets: Redefining Asian Television and Advertising

This book brings an interdisciplinary perspective to bear on an understanding of the transformation of the media and advertising industries in Asia since the early 1990s. Analyzing change in regional markets in South,...

izid: junij 2006

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