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Chris Brogan

Google+ for Business:How Google's Social Network Changes Everything

Google+ is incredibly hot, and its powerful business features make it even more valuable to entrepreneurs and marketers. In this book, top social media consultant and Google+ early adopter Chris Brogan shows businesspeople how to leverage its immense potential before their competitors even realize it's there. This friendly, conversational, business-savvy guide helps businesspeople identify where Google+ is most likely to offer them value, avoid missteps and wasted energy, and get results fast. This is a business book, not a technology book. Business decision-makers will learn: * How Google+ is different, and why the difference matters * Where to start after you sign up * How to define effective Google+ strategy and tactics * How to integrate Google+ into current online/digital strategies * How customers are using Google+ -- and what they're looking for * How businesses are using Google+ -- with case studies from small businesses, enterprises, entrepreneurs, and employees * How to use Circles to organize contacts and interactions far more effectively * How to create posts that draw attention and spark conversations * How to build a simple, low-cost content strategy * How to grow an audience and share others' valuable content * Tips and tactics for going way beyond the basics


Jezik: angleški jezik
Strani: 192
Izid: december 2011
ISBN: 9780789749147
ISBN-13: 9780789749147


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Priporočite: Google+ for Business:How Google's Social Network Changes Everything