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Reed, Jon

Get Up To Speed with Online Marketing

ONLINE MARKETING – CAN YOUR SMALL BUSINESS AFFORD TO BE WITHOUT IT? Traditional advertising doesn’t always work these days – and it’s expensive. People screen out TV ads, magazine ads, and billboards. Instead they’re spending time on Facebook, watching YouTube, reading and writing blogs, listening to podcasts and flicking through Twitter. As a small business owner, how do you get the word out about your product or service? By going where your market is. And that’s online. This book explains in a straightforward, easy-to-follow style all there is to know about promoting small businesses, online covering all the major online tools available including: • Websites • Search engine marketing • Email marketing • Blogging • Podcasts • Online video • Social networks e.g. Facebook and MySpace • Virtual worlds e.g. Second Life • Social bookmarking It will show readers how to use each medium to their best effect on a limited marketing budget, if not for free!


Založba: Financial Times Prentice Hall
Jezik: angleški jezik
Strani: 267
Izid: september 2012
ISBN: 0273732641
ISBN-13: 9780273732648


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Ocenite: Get Up To Speed with Online Marketing

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Priporočite: Get Up To Speed with Online Marketing