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Gerhard Rebmann, Karl Hertel

Bekleidungs-Wörterbuch, Deutsch-Englisch-Italienisch-Französisch-Spanisch

As is currently the only dictionary for the entire garment being, the new five-language dictionary is indispensable for modern clothing companies and corporate, working with the apparel industry. Due to it is now increasingly to be able to understand the corresponding terms in the top five world languages for inquiries from abroad, offers to business associates in Europe and overseas, interviews with foreign customers, in major foreign or international conference professional publications. The technical terms are listed alphabetically in each language and each term is coupled with the corresponding terms of other languages. By its particularly user-friendly handling, direct access from each and every language is possible and search forward or backward is unnecessary. Of course, the Dictionary of Garment Terminology is on an international level in all parts of the clothing being.


Založba: Schiele
Jezik: nemški jezik
ISBN: 3794906543
ISBN-13: 9783794906543


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Ocenite: Bekleidungs-Wörterbuch, Deutsch-Englisch-Italienisch-Französisch-Spanisch

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Priporočite: Bekleidungs-Wörterbuch, Deutsch-Englisch-Italienisch-Französisch-Spanisch